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La Herradura Mexican Grill

La Herradura Mexican Grill Website

I had the pleasure of taking photos for this amazing restaurant in LeClaire, Iowa for their new menu. Can’t wait for it to come out! Also got to sample a couple of these dishes and OMG YUMMMMMM!!! Definitely will try more!!!

Photo A Day Social Experiment


Just started a #PhotoADay social experiment to see how easy it is to meet new people and take a simple portrait. Brittany and her son teamed up to do a Facebook Live video with Portrait Photography. Don’t mind the cameraman….he’s only 8!!!! The video includes some snippets from the Facebook Live videos with their accompanying portraits. Thanks to our brave models that gladly participated in this social experiment! And I hope you like your portraits!

Stay tuned for more!!!


Tyler and Makayla
Logan Caviola

Neighbor’s Pool
Davenport, IA Skatepark

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