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These are the personal sessions of my clients that have allowed me to share some of their session highlights and information about them!

Family Sessions Sale!!!

I have 2 hour sessions spots available for:

Saturday 9/24/16
11am, 2pm, 5pm

Sunday 9/25/16
11am, 2pm, 5pm

Saturday 10/1/16
11am, 2pm, 5pm

Sunday 10/2/16
11am, 2pm, 5pm

Call (563) 579-9119 or message for availability to book your spot or if wanting to book outside of these times.

Sale ends 10/3/16!!! Hurry and get your photos done today!
*Session dates subject to weather participation. Will reschedule if weather doesn’t cooperate.


Session Sale.jpg

Mallory J

On 7/26/16 I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful model Mallory J. She needed a small urban set for a magazine. So we did a VERY quick session at the court in the “Village of East Davenport.” I hope one of our photos gets picked to be featured in the magazine! Let me know how it goes Mallory!



You can find other works of Mallory J here:

Model Mayhem # 3830596

Amber Hendricks part 2

Once again I had the pleasure of working with the lovely and talented Ms. Hendricks! We decided on an outdoor session this time. Downtown Davenport offers some amazing views to showcase such a gorgeous woman! Here are some of the results from our photo session.



She’s now part of KMT.

KMT is an agency, management, and training facility for models, singers, dancers, and actors seeking growth and development for a thriving career in their passion. KMT eagerly works on behalf of their clients to make sure they get the best placement for their level of work.

The Larson Family

The Family Next Door

When I was just a sweet little teen girl, a new family moved next door to my dad’s house. While my dad was building on his back deck my curious mind kept checking over the fence to the hustle and bustle of the new family moving in. I remember my excitement when they had kids!!! Two awesome boys to be exact! One was just a year older than me and the other just 3 years behind. I finally got to meet them after some time. We all became great friends and have shared years of adventures. While our lives have sent us on many different paths, occasionally we cross paths and it’s always fun! I had the pleasure of photographing their family last weekend. Here’s a few of the spectacular portraits I got!

Larson FamilyToddler and Newborn  NewbornToddler Newborn

Krys – Boudoir Client

Recently I had a session with a very lovely new client. She told me about some struggles she had with health issues and weight loss. She wanted to see herself the way others did, and a way to feel beautiful. I said have no worries, you came to the right place! We had a fantastic time and her images came out absolutely gorgeous!!!! I had the privilege to get an interview from her as well as her product reveal. Check out below for the insight!

Photo A Day Social Experiment


Just started a #PhotoADay social experiment to see how easy it is to meet new people and take a simple portrait. Brittany and her son teamed up to do a Facebook Live video with Portrait Photography. Don’t mind the cameraman….he’s only 8!!!! The video includes some snippets from the Facebook Live videos with their accompanying portraits. Thanks to our brave models that gladly participated in this social experiment! And I hope you like your portraits!

Stay tuned for more!!!


Tyler and Makayla
Logan Caviola

Neighbor’s Pool
Davenport, IA Skatepark

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