Meet the Photographer!

Hello! I’m Brittany Taylor, a Mother, Wife, Professional Photographer, and relative jack of many trades… I have a young son named Ethan who is my inspiration for seeing the light and beauty in this world. I have a wonderful husband named Quinton, and just like his trade of construction, just seems to complete our family. We also have two goofy furbabies (a german short-haired pointer) Jake, and (crazy pitbull) Diamond. We lost our gorgeous Alaskan Malamute (pictured)-Jennifer in 2020 unfortunately.

As a photographer, I aim to please, I have a knack for art, I have infinite patience for children and pets, I have super high energy, and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! I am constantly learning new things as I go along. I’ve been doing photography for many years. I was trained by both Lifetouch Portrait Studios and PictureMe Portrait Studios where I spent a lot of my photography career. Owning my own freelance non-studio photography business has also taught me a lot about photography; as I continue to grow in my craft. Being a mother of a family with a child and 2 dogs also helps (I get lots of practice)!

I would love to get to know you and your family! Please contact me to schedule your session.

And as always Have a funtabulous day!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Photographer!”

  1. I have been in your life on and off since you were merely 18, lol and boy we have learned alot together as friends, Moms and now fellow artists and photographers, I am so stoked to showcase your work and collaborate, we are going to do some superbly amazing shoots, love you!!! always Raven ‘Metal Momma”


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