Senior High School Student: Nicholas Reinheimer

I’ve known the Reinheimer family for 11 years. I had the pleasure of taking Nick’s Senior Photos. I always think it’s fun to keep some memories to look back on in questionnaires.

Good luck in your future endeavors!

From Nick:

I’m a senior at Rock Ridge High School.

Favorite Subject: Welding

Accomplishments: Carrying on traditions my Papa left

College Plans/Future Goals: Marine Core-MOS: Metal Working

Activities: Welding, Shooting, Having a good time with friends

Dream Job: Cattle Rancher in Texas

Hobbies: Wood/Metal Working, Video Gaming

Unusual Talent: Can do free hand drawings

Favorite Fictional Character: Jax from Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Been: New Orleans

Favorite Band/Artist/Song: Guns N’Roses, Sweet Child o Mine

3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Open Road, My Best Friend, Freedom

My Friends Would Describe Me As: Straight Forward Free Spirit

High School Memories: Putting a chair in the bed of my friends pick up truck, while we sat on it he did burn outs in a senior parking lot.

My Favorite Part of Senior Pictures: The pictures were taken on our family farm that i’ll have years to come even if the place is sold later in life the photos speak the memories we had on the farm.

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