Senior High School Student: Jei Valle-Riestra

I’ve known the Valle-Riestra family for 13 years. I had the pleasure of taking Jei’s Senior Photos. I always think it’s fun to keep some memories to look back on in questionnaires.

Good luck in your future endeavors!

From Jei:

I’m a senior at Pleasant Valley High School. I participate in pretty much everything art related – theatre productions, band, choir, and AP studio art. Art is my passion and I intend on going into animation for a career, but writing will always be my first love. I use my art to tell stories, for which I draw inspiration from video games, movies, comics, books, and other media.
Favorite Subject: biology and art
Accomplishments: section leader in band for 2 years, costume head for 4 theatre productions, stage manager for Radium Girls
College Plans/Future Goals: major in animation at Pacific Northwest College of Art and then make my own cartoon
Activities: Band, choir, theatre, and AP art
Dream Job: creator of a popular cartoon (something like Adventure Time)
Hobbies: gaming, writing, drawing, watching movies and shows, and listening to podcasts
Unusual Talent: making really, really weird voices and also being freakishly silent
Favorite Fictional Character: you’re asking a nerdy teenager who their favorite character is? That’s like asking an unbiased parent to name their favorite child.
Favorite Place on Earth: anywhere with a lot of trees and few people
Favorite Band/Artist/Song: The Cure, Weezer, and Oingo Boingo
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: my sketchbook, my art supplies, and my pets
My Friends Would Describe Me As: an absolute goober and madman
My Favorite Part of Senior Pictures: getting to look at pretty flowers and greenery
High School Memories: bringing Sweeney Todd to International Thes Fest and getting slapped with paint covered hands by one of my best friends


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